Most writers envision their book, achieving bestseller status with all that comes with it. This includes book signings, media interviews, a beautiful book in your hands, seeing your book in stores (at least local stores), or using your book as a tool to open doors to increase your business or influence. For all of time, this meant signing a deal with a traditional publisher. In and of itself, this is rarified air. But will it deliver your vision?

After working in traditional publishing companies for so many years, it’s difficult for people to imagine all the obstacles a writer must get past to experience what I call “being published.” Publishers have access to mindboggling amounts of book sales data and other tools to help them make the best possible publishing decisions that pay for them. So they pass on good books while publishing others, based on various criteria and not just its writing. Authors should look after their own interests in the short and long term. When publishers only need most books to succeed, authors are left hoping their only work succeeds.

But now there is a publishing track to give your book the commercial visibility that it deserves, the quality others expect of you, and a financial return that truly does pay you. Fitting Words is a publishing services provider that brings industry professionals together to edit, design, and distribute your book; all the while giving you the benefit of advice that comes from many years of experience across the spectrum, and relationships that can make things possible where self-publishing cannot, and traditional publishing lacks the focus.

Fitting Words doesn’t provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It delivers for those who need world-class professionals working on their project, carries high expectations, and desires that their book be one that is custom-crafted with you and your objectives in mind.

There are other compelling reasons to bring your book to Fitting Words:

Time. Most people expect to have their book in their hands in 3 to 5 months, and Fitting Words authors get just that. Typical traditional publishing can take 12 to 18 months. Book retailers, not you, dictate release schedules.

Control. Traditional publishers purchase the rights to your book. Authors relinquish creative control of their book. Publishers decide what cover, format, price, and level of focus for your book. With Fitting Words, we believe in a collaborative approach that offers you options and advice. Your needs come first.

Quality. Your book is a reflection of you. Our editors and designers are the very ones that contribute to books published with America’s largest publishing companies. The books we produce exceed the author’s expectations, especially since authors can provide input throughout the process.

Sales and Distribution. We pair these services to fit your book and budget. Our clients’ titles are sold to the same buyers at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Income. Today’s traditional publishing industry has come under extraordinary pressure. This is no more apparent than in the low advances first-time authors receive. Not only that, but they repurchase their books from publishers at a 50%-60% discount. Fitting Words authors pay actual printing costs and a small brokerage fee.

The Long Term. Our authors earn a maximum profit on day one, enjoy fast recoupment of their initial investment, print modest-sized print runs, and are established in the perfect publishing scenario for the long haul.

Innovation. Every book is unique. Every author is, too, and we listen. We bring solutions to the table that solve problems related to high word count, low word count, research, writing, eCommerce and website order fulfillment, audiobooks, eBooks, standout design, special editions, and more.

Author-centric. When the “new wears off” the book, traditional publishers are still satisfied to sell small quantities of books, and they will not agree to revert the rights to the author. Our clients never have this problem. Your book can be revised, updated, re-designed whenever author wishes.

Marketing. Authors value engagement directly with their readers more than ever. It brings enormous enjoyment to both the writer and reader to hear from and have a deeper understanding of the book. It comes with a cost, but at least you can decide what works for you. In either event

Momentum. A significant benefit of publishing with Fitting Words, is that it’s possible to capture consumer data for future marketing and launching subsequent titles. Traditional publishers primarily sell to retailers, and institutions after that. A few sell to consumers, but even this benefits the publisher. The consumer data becomes their asset, not yours. The publisher becomes positioned to benefit from your future books, and that’s where it ends.

Guidance. It hurts to see authors lamenting their first attempts at self-publishing. It’s still a sizable investment in time and money, and the author is left with a book that won’t cut it in the marketplace. You may sell some books where you speak, but the reality is you compete with books that are the product of serious industry expertise. Bottomline - You are going to be outclassed regardless of your content.

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