The difference is everywhere you look on a product. Every word. Its positioning. The spine. Author bio. Category.  Everything is scrutinized and written carefully with the reader or consumer in mind.


Not long ago, we were tasked with re-packaging the Bible study series offered by Lamplighters International. I must say, these Bible studies are excellent, and quite possibly the best I’ve ever examined. John Stewart is truly gifted at guiding people and groups through the scriptures and is hard at work today raising the level of Biblical understanding.


The challenge for Fitting Words was to reconstruct the exterior design so that potential Bible students would see the value and the essence of what each study offered. Its critically important that potential readers intuitively and quickly grasp what a book offers.


You can see our work in a comparison of the back covers of an early edition and the reengineered cover. The “takeaways” for the consumer are new and the tagline at the top is focused on the benefits to the consumer and not just the attributes of the content.


The old adage “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” is as close to wishful thinking as it gets. Obviously, people do that. So we help them along, by applying the same book crafting techniques used by the largest and most successful publishers in existence today.


Fitting Words believes in employing “craftsmanship” in delivering its finished products to our clients. Over and over again, our clients experience this difference, and their peers, clientele, and friends also see the difference.


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