1.    “I am my publisher’s biggest customer and they're making all the money!"

2.    “I needed an editor. At least everyone reading my book is telling me that.”

3.    “I’ve written this book. But from here, I don’t know what to do.”

4.    “Who’s going to list me with Amazon, give me an e-book, store my books, and fill my orders? There’s more to do here than I thought.”

5.    “Can I get my book translated into Spanish? I have people wanting my book in the UK. What can I do?”

6.    “If this is all the royalty I’m going to earn, I’ll never make money.”

7.    “I just need some help. I don’t know anything about publishing a book.”

8.    “I see other people’s books, and I’m embarrassed by mine.”

9.    “I know what I want! I just need a publisher to make it happen.”

10.  “I’m spending more time with my book and less time with my business. It needs to be the other way around.”