A book has many attributes. The title, front cover, back cover, the content; all these essential elements come together to form your book. Nevertheless, outside influences will always play a significant role in your book’s success. You don’t get to choose what these might be, but it is vital to take time, seek advice, and learn how your book will come across in a particular environment or culture. Keeping these outside factors in mind can only contribute to your success.

Try and discern how your book will come across when:

  • Crime is increasing in our cities.
  • Price of gas, food, and cars are increasing.
  • More people than ever are working from home.
  • Podcasting and audiobooks are increasing in popularity.
  • Many people have lost family and friends to Covid.
  • Today’s political climate is heating and very adversarial.

Environments heavily influence readers and customers, and are constantly evolving month to month. Your insights and understanding can be used to leverage the value and appeal of your book, given a particular context or backdrop. Otherwise, you may be launching your book to an unwelcoming or ill-prepared marketplace. So before you publish, place that book in different worlds...what do you see?