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The most forgotten publishing process is… Endorsements!

With each author seeking to publish a book, we discuss getting endorsements for their book in the initial phone call. Endorsements fall squarely with the author, but it’s important to have help with the following questions: Where to start? Who to call? How to ask for it? It can seem daunting to a first-time author, but it’s simpler than you think.

What does an endorser look like:

  • Endorsers can be past and current clients. This is the best scenario since they align beautifully with your publishing objective to build your network and cultivate new clients.

  • Endorsers can be associates and colleagues from within your industry or adjacent industries. They know you personally and by reputation, and can speak convincingly on your behalf.

  • Endorsers can be well-known personalities who feel much the way you do on the topic(s) you are addressing. Examples: entertainers, television personalities, politicians, top corporate leaders, non-profit CEO’s (related areas to your own), and other authors. Did that last one you surprise you? Other authors’ image, along with a ringing endorsement of you and your book, is something you want.

Endorsers aren’t limited to endorsing your book’s content – they can recommend you, your company, your work, or the opportunity your book is seizing, to others.

Those who endorse you can bring with them substantial influence and enormous opportunity. Influence can come in various forms. Some have a TV presence, a social media footprint,  a robust personal network of their own, etc. A single Tweet that is seen by 40,000 followers speaks for itself. But consider this; a Tweet offering free downloads from your website to the same 40,000, each providing you with a name and email address, could save you thousands of dollars in advertising AND help you gain a significant sum in book sales.

Once you’ve collected your endorsements, now what? Two of the very best endorsements can go on the back of your book. The next ten or more can go to the front of your book. You can also post all of your endorsements on your social media pages, newsletters, posts, etc.

Are you worried about asking for an endorsement? Just do it! 99% of the time the person being asked is deeply honored to be asked to provide an endorsement. I have found that the more popular and influential a person becomes; they are increasingly aware of the importance of what they can do for you and they often respond with their generosity.

Good luck!