If the book you wrote in 2002 was a baby, its casting its first vote this year. What’s changed since then?

- Social media is a thing. In fact, its a raging torrent of messaging, images, advertising, connectedness, noise, and awfulness; all rolled up in one. Some saw it coming. No one saw it like this.

- World events have established the upcoming generation with a unique world view no one anticipated.

- Politics – Revised and Updated. Nastiness refined.

- You were wise then. Now… you're a sage with awesome life experience to bring clarity to your writing. An enormous benefit to readers.

Consider this. The most valuable asset at a traditional publishing company is its published backlist. Already written, edited, and market-proven; repurposing these books is far less risky than publishing new books. It’s also the most profitable revenue on a publisher’s income statement.

You probably see where I’m going. Books you’ve successfully published previously may be ready for new life. We have long and rich experience in rethinking and relaunching older works. A few of which have been on the shelves of Barnes and Noble since 2002. They don’t vote. But they do pay my former employer nicely.