People feel that writing a book is beyond their reach. It is a challenge, no question, but one that can be conquered with support. Whether it’s the "heavy lifting" or "finishing touches," reach out to us and let's see if we can help you reach your goal of publishing your book. You might find we'll save you money, time, or even your reputation. We think of ourselves as part of your team.

There's much more to publishing than meets the eye. Everyone thinks of editing, cover design, and printing. Few ever consider how these processes can impact the market potential of their book. We will help you take these elements into consideration. Taking it a step further means we also think through all the aspects of your project: the book's cover, title, author photo, format, everything.

Have you taken your book project as far as you can? Have you become lost in the process, unsure where to turn next? Let us fill in the gaps of your skillset. Most of the time, we can pick up right where you left off.

Sometimes a book comes to Fitting Words after it has already been published. Despite the publisher's best efforts, these books are ready to be revised. Revisions typically update key metrics, add new material considering current events and changes in culture, get an all-new cover and typesetting, and sometimes just a notation of the revision on the original cover.

Still, some authors come to us because of our traditional publishing experience. After some time, sales at their original publisher have fallen off, and they want us to intervene and take back the publishing rights on their behalf. Many authors needlessly ignore their early books, yet publishers view existing books as their most profitable. So should you!

We can meet you where you are with just the services you need. Our offerings include:

·     Ghostwriting

·     Foreign language editions

·     Development and editing of a raw manuscript

·     Repurposing and republishing earlier books

·     Writing book proposals to attract literary agents

·     Provide the all-important finishing touches to your "self" published book

·     Foreign language licensing advice

·     Printing, typesetting, and eBook production

·     Warehousing, distribution, and data uploads to major book retailers

Give us a chance to help you and make a difference!