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Success in the marketplace is wishful thinking for the vast majority of authors.  It’s our intention.  Your book and its content will have a chance to succeed in the nation’s biggest and best retailers, and many other outlets.  But much more than that, you will be able to sell the book yourself, at profit levels that appeal to businesses and entrepreneurs.  It’s not easy, and few companies can offer what we offer because of the relationships, systems, and facilities that are required.  Today’s booksellers require data.  Data uploads literally make it possible for book buyers around the world to buy your book.  Major accounts might stock your book, but all of them can order it.  

If you’re selling your book directly, web order fulfillment is a must.  Capturing customers’ names and emails, shipping quickly, and managing customer service is a must.  Otherwise, is your plan to warehouse books in your garage and take calls about lost shipments on your personal phone?  Our services keep you working on the things you should be working on that drive your business’s success.


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