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Fitting Words

We are a publishing platform that empowers authors with veteran editors, designers, and coaching from professionals with years of traditional publishing experience. You'll get a publishing outcome that exceeds expectations, delivers real sales and distribution into the marketplace, and a book product that impresses your customers and prospects.



Our authors and clients receive the benefit of careers spent leading publishing companies and creating successes.

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We approach each book project intent on it resonating inside and out, with its intended consumer.

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Your book reflects you and your business.  Reading it shouldn’t be an embarrassment or a disappointment.

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You. Your network, your platform, and your book’s content will determine how best to market your book so that it SELLS.

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We have a real sales team. Your book will be proactively sold into the marketplace.

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You can’t sell books by the thousands if you can’t ship them. We provide storage, distribution, and customer services.

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World class production services are all we use. You get world-class results and competitive pricing.

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"I expected high-quality work from Fitting Words, and they delivered at every point along the creative process. When my manuscript came back from the editors, it always came back better. When I’d end a phone call when Dan, I always felt coached and championed. If you want to work with a team that’s in your corner and helps you succeed from start to finish, look no further than Fitting Words."

Justin Wester

Associate Pastor of Discipleship

"Thank you so much for all of your amazing assistance and expertise in the evolution of Rise and Soar. You, your knowledge, and company were indeed vital to my book effort. You are greatly appreciated!"

Dr. Paul Buechel


"We feel so fortunate to have crossed paths with Dan Wright. His insight and candid feedback have been tremendously helpful to us in the process of writing our book. With no previous experience in publishing, we didn't even know where to begin. Dan has been incredibly patient, supportive, knowledgeable, and honest with us."

Betty Mertens


"Dan, you have done a magnificent job as my publisher. I could have made major mistakes if you had not been right there with me on making key decisions. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in publishing a book to get Fitting Words involved. You were priceless to me. Also, I enjoy being your friend, and I felt that way from the very start. Bill"

William Morris

Author - This Magic Moment

I have a large family of authors I have grown to love and respect. This is equally true of some who help promote and produce the books they write. Such a professional is Dan Wright of Fitting Words—whose impeccable standards make it a pleasure to introduce him to aspiring authors. I have enjoyed the process of working with Dan and delight in the fact that he is so personally involved with my “family”—right down to consulting with them at each stage of development and production. He respects the fact that a book is the product of one’s heart and life and offers the ultimate in service for today’s changing times.

Ann Severance

Freelance Editor and Former East Coast Acquisitions Editor - Zondervan

“I came to Fitting Words needing assistance with my book. After explaining my situation, Dan Wright knew precisely what to do, and then did it. He then saw things I needed, and dramatically improved my situation. He’s my publisher now! I wouldn’t think about going anywhere but Fitting Words.”

Wayne Nance

Real Life Management

“I expected an innovative approach that would yield books that support my brand. Fitting Words came through with book products that exceeded my expectations. Their collaborative approach ensured my objectives were at the forefront of the whole process.”

Dr. Jeff D. Standridge

Jeff Standridge Innovation Partners

"Fitting Words was everything we needed to make our children's book a reality. They listened to our needs and were responsive to our numerous questions and expectations and requirements. As a result, we have precisely what we need! The quality of our book exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled at the response we are getting.”

Linda McNay

Our Fundraising Search

“Fitting Words succeeded at exceeding my expectations, not only with my book, but with advice and insights that contributed in ways I never expected. Its difficult to imagine being in better hands.”

Craig Colquitt

former Pittsburgh Steeler and Tennessee Volunteer punter

It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with Dan Wright of Fitting Words on three book projects. He is the very definition of professionalism and his experience and wisdom regarding every aspect of book publishing resulted in the success of all three projects. As a novice author, I had little appreciation for the various components of publishing. Dan was enormously helpful every step of the way, guiding and encouraging me to understand the process and the steps necessary to achieve the goals I was seeking. I owe Dan a profound debt of gratitude and recommend him to anyone searching for assistance in turning your idea for a book into reality.

Dr. William R. Mott, Ph.D.

Author of Healthy Boards - Successful Schools and independent school governance consultant

Dan, Thank you so much for your tremendous help on the redesign of the cover and layout for the new Lamplighters Bible study series. Your input made a big difference to the look and feel of the books and will greatly help the distribution of the series.

John Stewart - Executive Director

Lamplighters International Ministries

"Dan is a true publishing veteran. His experience covers all areas from licensing and sales to content development and author relations. He works hard for his clients and as a publisher he takes a personal role, and prioritizes the authors in putting together the best plans to ensure success. "

Brandi Lewis

Marketing Executive

Fitting Words Publishing offers an unique way to create your book. Dan Wright's new publishing company designs the best plan for any author interested in being totally involved with the process and seeing a highly professional outcome. Dan is highly qualified as a publisher and provides all aspects of the book making process at a highly competitive cost. Fitting Words...for best results in publishing.

Paul Shepherd

Shepherd Publisher Services

I’ve worked with Dan for over a decade now. He’s the one I call. He’s the one I trust. He’s the one I know will get me from idea to best solution. Dan takes time to help me understand the industry, not just give advice. He takes extra time, helping me develop ideas and explore options. I always leave our conversations with clarity and answers to questions I didn’t know I needed to ask. Dan over-delivers. And as professional as he is, I also know he’s a friend who wants my, my book’s, and my reader’s highest good.

Cindy Landham

Certified Wellness Coach - Author of The Liberated Eater

"Dan Wright served as the publishing advisor for this book. His patient and wise counsel, based on decades in the Christian publishing industry, was invaluable for creating a professionally publishing book. Dan provided frequent encouragement. He gave us crucial advice on the title as well as all other aspects of the publishing process. Thank you, Dan."

Werner Mischke

Fitting Words client and author of Global Gospel and editor of The Beauty of Partnership

"I have known and worked with and for Dan Wright for over 20 years. His professionalism with customers, his understanding of global cultures, his insight into the needs of a specific market, and his experience in publishing make Dan a valuable asset to any company who engages his services."

Trish Morrison

Experienced Subsidiary Rights Executive

"I have known Dan for years, first while he was at Thomas Nelson, and lately as we have worked on client projects together through Snowfall Press. Dan is a true publishing professional, not only because he is a great sales guy, but because he understands what the consumer wants/needs, and helps his clients craft the right project that will sell. His contacts span the globe and his relentless approach gets the job done. If you are looking for a guy who can help bring success, he is the guy."

Dave Sheets

President at BelieversBookServices

"I love working with Dan Wright because he sees things from a different angle than how others (including myself) view them. I know the editorial side of publishing well, but Dan's expertise in sales and marketing are invaluable to me and my clients. If you spend five minutes with him, you'll be energized and motivated to march straight toward success."

Kyle Olund

Executive Editor at Worthy Publishing


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